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What are projects?

All jobs are submitted to a project since all API keys must be attached to one. Anything submitted with that API key will automatically be associated with that project.

Projects can have many members added to them by an organization owner. Jobs in a project are visible by all members of that project, meaning its easy to share results and see how much budget is left for the team.

Only members of a project can see it exists or access the jobs in it. Only the members that are currently assigned to a project are able to see any data related to it.

Projects can have a budget set by an organization owner, allowing them to manage split their larger overall budget out to specific teams or initiatives.

IonQ Quantum Cloud - View my projects

View your available projects on the IonQ Quantum Cloud.

Creating projects

Projects can only be created or managed by Organization Owners.

To create a new project, click “Create project” on the Projects page. When creating a project, you’ll be prompted to enter a project name, budget and description.

Project budgets can be set to:

  • Unlimited: No set budget limit for the project. Users can submit QPU jobs as long as the organization has a remaining budget.
  • Limited: Constrained by the given dollar amount. Project members can run jobs until the limit is hit for the project.
Budgets, while always configurable, are only applicable to Organizations with QPU access (since Simulator access is free.)

Personal Projects

When a new account is created, a project named Personal Project ([email protected]) is created as a workspace for the new user. By default, the budget for this project is set to $0, but like any other project, that budget can be changed and additional users added to it by an organization owner.

If a user is removed from an organization, they lose access to any projects they were a member of, but the jobs they submitted to the projects remain there.


Project members are users that have been added to a project by an organization owner. Members can submit jobs to the project, view the project’s current available budget, see other members of the project, and view the results of any jobs that have been submitted.

While org owners can view and manage projects and a project’s jobs, they must add themselves as a member of a project before they’ll be able to create an API key and submit a job to it.

Adding project members

To add project members navigate to the “members” tab in a project workspace. Select the “Add members” button on the right side of the workspace. When adding a member, you’ll be prompted to select organization members.

Project members need to be added to the organization first. You can learn how to add organization members by heading to invite organization members.

Tracking member spend

The Members list on a project shows the aggregated spend of each member. This spend is the total cost of jobs submitted to this project by this user for all time.

Screenshot of the Projects Members Page tab, showing the spend aggregated per member.


Submitting jobs to a project

When creating an API key, you must assign it to a project. Any job that is submitted using that API key will be submitted to that project. Only members of a project can assign an API key to a project, and thus submit jobs to it.


Viewing jobs in a project

Inside a project, the jobs page shows all of the jobs that have been submitted to the project. All members of a project are able to view any job submitted by any other member of the project.

Job results, including their histogram, can be viewed by clicking on them and selecting view job details.

The main Jobs page displays all of your jobs across all of your projects.


At the top of the jobs page, the cost displayed is for all jobs submitted to the project. This is across all members and submitted at any time.

Screenshot of the Projects Overview tab, showing the total aggregate job cost.


To change the project settings navigate to the “settings tab”. You can update project name and project description.


Adding or changing a project budget

To set up or change a project budget navigate to the “jobs” tab in a project workspace. Select the “change budget” button next to the project cost tracker. You can choose between limited and unlimited budget options.

Archiving a project

Archiving a project prevents project members from submitting additional jobs to it, and also cancels any jobs that were currently in queue.

To archive a project navigate to the “settings” tab. Select the “archive this project” button. You can unarchive it at any time from the same location.