Accounts are freely available, and can be created by signing up here. All accounts have access to IonQ’s 35-Qubit simulators (that support noise models for our current QPUs) and our our APIs, which can also be used through a 3rd party SDK such as Qiskit.

To join an existing organization, an Organization Owner will need to send you an invitation first.

API Keys

IonQ uses API keys to manage access to our systems. Each key must be assigned to a Project, and all jobs submitted with that key be automatically assigned to that project.

Keys are a type of password, and should be treated as such. To learn how to store your keys safely, check out our guide on managing API keys.

Creating a new key

API keys are created on the API Keys page found in the top menu.

Viewing Current Keys

Your currently active keys are available under the menu, under the API Keys item. The key itself is not visible after creation, however, from this page you can view the name, assigned project, and time each was last used.

View Keys

Manage your keys from the IonQ Quantum Cloud application

Revoking a key

If a key is no longer needed, it can be revoked from the API Keys page. Revoked keys immediately stop working, meaning they will no longer be recognized by our APIs.

Jobs submitted with a key will stay in queue even if the key is revoked.

Deleting your account

Accounts can be deleted upon request. Please contact your IonQ representative, or reach out to [email protected].