A new organization is created when you sign up at cloud.ionq.com. To join an existing account, you must be invited by an Organization Owner.

Organizations can contain many users, have many projects, and can be assigned QPU access.

Managing Members

Members of an organization can be either an Owner or a User.

  • Organization Owners can…

    • Add or remove users from the organization and manage user’s roles
    • View the aggregate usage of the organization
    • View the individual usage of all users in the organization
    • Create, archive, and manage the membership and budgets of projects
    • View all projects and job data of any project in the organization
  • Organization Users can…

    • View and submit jobs to projects they are a member of
    • View the details of jobs inside the project
    • View the usage of the project, both in aggregate and per-member

The creator of the Organization starts as the first owner, and they can add additional organization owners or users as needed.

Inviting members

On the Organization Settings page, click Invite member from the top of the page. Invitations expire after 30 days, and can be re-sent on this page if needed.

When an invite is still pending, it can be revoked or resent as needed from the member list.

Currently, users can only be part of a single organization. To join multiple organizations, you’ll need to sign up with a ”+” address. For example, [email protected] could use [email protected].

Changing a member’s role

To change a member’s role, click on the role dropdown in the member list. Changes are saved as soon as they’re made.

Viewing a member’s projects

You can view all the projects an organization member belongs to by selecting the number of the projects in the “projects” column in the organization members list.

Remove organization member

You can remove an organization member from the organization by selecting a multi action button at the end of the member row in the organization members list. Select the “remove from organization” button.

Usage and Budgets

View usage

If your organization has paid QPU access, you can view your total organization usage from your organization usage.

Screenshot of the Organization Settings page, showing the total aggregate usage of the organization and the available budget.

Change budget

At this time, budgets must be managed by IonQ staff. If you would like to increase your budget, please contact your IonQ representative, or reach out to [email protected].


Change organization name

To edit your organization name insert a new organization name and select the “Update organization information” button under the organization name input to save changes.

View Organization Settings

Edit your organization name.

QPU Access

QPU access is available at the organization level through a contract. To learn more, please contact your IonQ account representative, or reach out to [email protected] to get in touch.